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Miss Sally & Mr. Jack's Class

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Monthly Links 

Art Links

The Museum of Modern Art Children Site

Collage Machine

Playing with Pixels

Painting and Morphing

Build a Picture

Create a Sculpture

Playing with Shapes

Etch-a-Sketch Online


Dinosaur Links 

Dino Playground

Land Before Time

Dino Dig


Draw A Dino

Dino Jigsaw Puzzle

How Dinosaurs Move

AMNH about Dinosaurs

AMNH Virtual Tour

Rainforest Links

Journey to the Amazon

The Rainforest at Night

Sounds of the Rainforest

Rainforest Concentration

Layer of the Rainforest

Layers of the Rainforest

Movies about the Rainforest

Rainforest Games

Earth Day Links

Earth Day Games

Earth Day Resources


Green Games and Resorces

Gardening Links

Plum's Garden Game

My Secret Garden Game

Grow Your Own Tomatoes Game

Grow Your Own Wiggle Flower

Roses for the Queen Game

Matching the Flowers

Backyard Jungle

The Story of a Walk in the Woods

The Story of a Water Droplet

The Story of Pierre the Acorn

The Story of the Secret Life of Trees

A Tree Story

What Are Plants?

Dr. Arbor Talks Trees

Mr Roger's Tree Song


Camouflage / Hibernation Links 

Find the Animal

Hide and Seek

Camouflage the Fish

Movie: Praying Mantis's Disguise

Camouflage the Wildlife

Camouflage Activities

Arctic / Inuit Links

All about the Arctic

Arctic and Antarctic (for Teachers)

Northern Lights (Lapland aurora)

Northern Lights Movie (a night on the beach)

Northern Lights (painting the sky)

All about the Inuit

Speaking Inuktitut

All about Inuksuks.

First Nation Movie:Inuksuk

Sharing a story: the Inuksuk

Build your own Inuksuk

Inuksuk game

Inuit Stories and Legends

Inuit Throat Singing

Inuit Games

Seal Fin Puzzle Game


Space Links

Amazing Space Tonight

Make a Constellation

Let's go to Mars

STS-117 Memory Game

Back to the Moon

What Comes Next?

Grab it with the shuttle Arm

Not the Same

Rocket Builder

Addition Blast Off!

Your Weight on other Planets


Hubble Space Telescope

Mars Exploration

AOL Nasa Video

Nasa's Multimedia Page

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